Daily Timetable

Rimini – What to expect…..

A typical working day during the Rimini International Choral Course starts at 9 am in the courtyard behind the “Chiesa di San Giovanni”, (St John’s Church) where Ghislaine warms up our voices with carefully selected & appropriate exercises & at which time she prepares us psychologically & physically for the vocal undertakings that follow. The hour spent with Ghislaine is always a source of discovery & satisfaction as it provides an opportunity to learn many useful tricks of the trade to use one’s voice correctly & maintain it healthy.

Peter arrives punctually at 10 am & he rehearses with us until 12:45 on the repertoire for the final concert & the Sunday sung mass. Of course there is a break mid-morning for a renowned Italian “espresso” ! Ghislaine is on hand during these rehearsals, attentive & vigilant vocal advisor for “Maestro” Phillips, a fount of precious suggestions, and together they work out musical & vocal solutions for any difficulties that arise during rehearsals.

At 1pm we have a lunch break, usually together at “La Bussola”, a restaurant-cum-“pizzeria” that caters for every taste & pocket, right in the city centre but within 10 minutes comfortable walking distance from the morning rehearsal venue & 100 yards from the “G. Lettimi” Conservatoire where we rehearse in the afternoons. This is of course not obligatory. We start up again at 3:00 pm in the Conservatoire venue. The afternoon sessions are usually dedicated to review the Renaissance polyphony under the guidance of Andrea Angelini and Peter Phillips. Also the traditional “carpe diem” will take place at the Conservatory; during this session you could ask Peter everything concerning the Polyphony. We usually work at the Conservatoire until about 5pm, except on Thursday afternoons, which are kept free for course participants to explore the historical & cultural aspects of the city, the beach and shops. Simultaneously with the afternoon sessions each participant has the opportunity for a private lesson on vocal technique or repertoire, with Ghislaine, & a timetable will be arranged.

An important part of the week is the evening social programme, usually eating together (going Dutch) & arranging to meet in one of the hundreds of eating places in the centre or along the sea front. Sometimes there are musical events going on in the city, which we can go to together.

The first day (Sunday) the course usually starts mid-afternoon, around 3:30 pm, giving participants time to settle into their hotels & find their way to the course venue, while admiring the magnificent surroundings of historic Rimini. 

Saturday morning will be dedicated to the dress rehearsal for the evening concert in the “Church of San Giovanni”. After the concert conferment of certificates of attendance by the course tutors, considered by some folk the climax of the week, is held during a pizza party. 

For those who wish & can stay on, a final optional informal lunch on Sunday noon, going Dutch, has now become a tradition. A gentle wind down to an elating week!

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Rehearsals at the Conservatoire

Rehearsals at the Church

The final concert

The ceremony of the diploma